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Old World Kitchen- Get the LOOK!

June 24, 2022

You know that feeling of flipping through a magazine and you come across a stunning kitchen, and you’re not quite sure exactly what it is about that kitchen that makes it so special? Maybe it has all the “traditional” touches to a kitchen that you have in your own home but the elevated style of this kitchen comes in it’s accessories.

I want to talk a little about that ah-ha moment I had a few years ago when I noticed my styling finally coming together after sourcing a ton of vintage items for our kitchen. I remember our last kitchen we did a great DIY makeover, I found some beautiful ways to style the space, but there was something missing when it came to the counters and shelves. It was the “store bought” touch. It had lost its truly curated power that nostalgic kitchens had or magazine worthy kitchens posessed. I mean I had one or two pieces to our kitchen that were vintage finds, but that store bought feel kept it from feeling truly nostalgic and Old World!

This stunning French Home, its a true working kitchen for a chef

So, you may have a different style than myself. I like to call my home style and tast,e “European Farmhouse”. I love the Old World elements of a European home and yet I love the comfort of that farmhouse countryside place. Somewhere that feels relaxing, well worked, and lived in! This may be true and all, but your style could have its own eclectic feel, traditional, Farmhouse, Americana…you name it! No matter your style choice we all have a curated feel we desire when it comes to the kitchen. The kitchen after all is the heart of the home. Your best childhood memories are probably baking some cookies with mom, watching Nonna (grandma) whip up some old Italian recipe that she knows by heart as she grabs that worn down utensils and apron that made its way to the state,s from it’s original Italian home. It could be the smell of pancakes in a kitchen on a Saturday morning, or just the sound of cocoa puffs filling a bowl because you had to run and go. Whatever it is our kitchens are nostalgic. You most likely grew up in a time when kitchens might of not been as “pretty” as they are today, but the pieces that made up that kitchen were nostalgic elements that were from your families past. We just desire a good lived in feel when it comes to our kitchens and that means sometimes we have to “fake it until we make it” you know when all you have is brand new in the pack home gadgets that came from your bridal shower, or dishes you needed a good deal on so you scored some at your local Target aisle.

So how can we “fake it” with old world, lived in, products and décor to give our kitchens a lived in classic feel as if we were really slaving over the stove and making homemade pies from scratch?

We invest in some good vintage kitchen décor to give our kitchens that elevated feel with products found from here, Vintage Keepers.

Here are some favorites that are in the shop right now…

Vintage Kitchen décor to give your home that Old World lived in feel.

Copper pans– the perfect way to show an aged kitchen with years of a hard working kitchen.
Stoneware Crock, to display utensil or store kitchen items
Hammered aluminum pitcher, can’t you just see pouring a cold glass of ice water to some friends while hosting in this?
A mortar and pestle always gives a kitchen that working feel
A stunning McCoy yellow mixing bowl, I can see this on an open shelf or on a counter with fruit in it.

I hope you find some beautiful pieces from our shop to help bring that truly Old World curated feel to your kitchen with that lived in feel.

Written by your VK creator, Deb Foglia- of @seekinglavenderlane

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