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Vintage Keepers is an online platform exclusively for vintage. Setting up shop on our platform is a no-hassle way to grow your book of business.

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Whether you’re a seasoned seller with multiple storefronts or new to online retail, Vintage Keepers provides more than an online shop.

It’s an experience designed to support you.

Take our word for it, from one entrepreneur to another.

With our roots in blogging and selling our own goods, we’re equal parts crafty, enterprising, and persistent.

and we’ve designed Vintage Keepers to provide all the opportunities we’d want for our own business.

At Vintage Keepers, we’re committed to providing you a platform and experience that is:


Just bring your one-of-a-kind vintage products and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re just about as turn-key as it gets


Reach a niche audience seeking products just like yours. Because vintage is all we do, our platform is designed to make your wares shine.


Access helpful tools, workshops, marketing support, and live auctions that promote visibility and growth for your business.


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Our team reviews shops to ensure fit in terms of quality, aesthetic, and style. Learn more and apply to be a shopkeeper here.