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June 20, 2022

I can’t believe it’s already a week since we soft launched Vintage Keepers! We have been so thrilled to see and hear the feedback on our vintage marketplace experience. I think something we can’t deny is some of the major hiccups that happened behind the scenes and in our website speed this past week. It’s also part of why this blog post was delayed…there just was no time left after all the challenges. I think something that people never talk about when it comes to their new business adventure is the struggles, mistakes, and hard times. Its never an easy thing and we took all the hardships that happened this past week and just worked through each and every big and little problem.

We are excited to watch this summer grow our VK market and bring more products and shopkeepers to the site for our official launch on September 6th!

What I love the most this past week, was watching my vendors come together in helping one another, being patient with our oops moments, and continue to promote and show up for VK. We couldn’t be here without them and without our amazing web building team (siteculture.co)

Where to begin????

We want to invite you all to come and take our style quiz to learn your “vintage home style” and so it makes it easer for you to search by style if you are confused where to start.

We also want this to be a place that feels like an affordable spot, just like your local antique shop. Though I believe a product is worth its value, time, and uniqueness these vendors have priced their products for our homeowners budgets. I truly wanted a place to shop that I felt comfortable browsing through and purchasing from without the overly priced virtual tags that you see on many competitor sites.

We also want this to be a community you can learn from, be entertained with, and be excited to stop in daily! That means our blog will be a regular part of VK and we hope to have a future podcast, IG lives, and a live auction.

We look forward to having you here, sharing background info, informative articles, and ways to make your love for vintage be an even more exciting way to learn and read here on our blog.


We would love for you to share and help us get the word out about Vintage Keepers! Use our hashtag on social when sharing your pretty new pieces #VKfinds and tag us (@vintage_keepers_shop) also, share our style quiz with your friends and audience, it’ll help others to learn their unique vintage style. We can’t do this without you and we hope that sharing the word about your new favorite vintage marketplace will be a true blessing to our business.

Okay, now head on over to the shop, explore new products (because our shopkeepers are adding new products daily), shop by style, shop, and product!

Happy Shopping!

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