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Decking the Halls with Vintage Keepers Finds

November 1, 2022

The holidays are coming up, and it’s always smart to get a head start on your decor shopping before the best pieces sell out! If you’re looking for seasonal decor that’s a bit off the beaten path—and can be creatively repurposed when the holidays are over—you won’t want to miss our VK picks below. 

In the process of planning out your various holiday tablescapes? You’ll want to grab a basket or two. A woven basket like this one is perfect to use as a centerpiece. Simply fill it with ornaments, pinecones, or another decoration of your choosing, and just wait for the compliments to roll in. Best of all, you can still enjoy this basket even after December has passed—repurpose it as a fruit bowl on your countertop or style it on your built-ins. 

If you’re hosting a holiday gathering, make use of adorable chalkboards like these and place them on your buffet table to indicate the contents of the dishes you’re serving. Guests with dietary restrictions will appreciate the heads up, and this unique take on a classroom staple will make your setup look extra clever.

No matter how large of a home you may have, storage is always a challenge…so skip buying holiday-specific plates this year and pick up a set that you’ll be able to enjoy all year long. This set of six won’t overpower your kitchen cabinets and will be unlike anything your friends own given their vintage nature. You could even use one when setting cookies out for Santa!

Showcase one of your favorite holiday cards in this charming antique oval picture frame. You can hang it right by the front door and swap out which card you’d like to showcase as often as you please! Alternatively, if you have guests staying with you for a few days, you can use this as a place to display your household WiFi password.

Place a small plate on top of this vintage brass pedestal and take your cookie table to the next level! Adding height and dimension makes any setup look more elegant.

A partridge in a pear tree, anyone? Pay a nod to this classic phrase with a darling fruit print that you can relocate to the kitchen full time post-Christmas.

If your family always enjoys an expansive brunch spread on Christmas morning, you’ll want to scoop up these creamers to add a festive touch to your tabletop. Though the red and white design suggests Christmas, these are more than ok to use year round.

This sweet wintry scene will take you back to snow days and simpler times. Prop it up on your mantel and start doing your snow dance!

We hope you enjoyed this gathering of unexpected Holiday vintage that you can add to your home this year. Don’t forget we also have an entire Holiday section to shop all Christmas Nostalgia! Written by: Sarah Lyon

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