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Designers Keepers- Marynn Udvarhelyi

October 28, 2022

by: Marynn Udvarhelyi

Today we have our next Designers Keepers post from Marynn of Wildflower Home. A true Cottage style home with details like wallpaper, wainscoting, and tons of vintage! You all are in for a treat! You can see more of Marynn’s home and follow here on her Instagram page, and her blog!

Tell us about you, your personal design style, and your home

My name is Marynn Udvarhelyi (ood-var-hay-lee)…my husband is Hungarian. I live in Southern California but my heart belongs in Cape Cod, MA or Franklin, TN. I’m married to Jeff, the funniest and best person I know, and we have two daughters, Hannah (17) and Noelle (13). We also have two dogs, Ginger and Annie, and a cat, Jasper. It’s a full house over here and we love it. I’m on a personal mission to bring English-inspired design to the west coast because everything is so new and modern or Mediterranean out here. My home was built in 1989, but reflects a 1930’s Cape Cod cottage style…on the outside. The inside was completely devoid of character and charm when we moved in; so much textured drywall and no trim or architectural interest. Slowly, I’ve been adding those elements, and mixing in antiques and vintage pieces in an effort to provide warmth and a sense of history in our home. I love interior design (always have) but I’ve developed a passion for building and learning new skills in this home that go beyond design alone. I love to inspire my followers on Instagram to put the work in to learn who they are and how they want to reflect their personal style in their homes. And then, I love to empower them to use tools and do things they never thought they’d do in order to achieve the décor goals they have. Overall, I love home and everything it represents. God gave us the gift of home and I’m just trying to steward mine well, and reflect the gift of creativity He gave me through interior design. 

What is your favorite piece in your home? 

My favorite piece in my home would have to be the antique chest at the end of our downstairs hall. It was the first piece I found for this home, and I’ve never seen another one even close to it. I love the wood tone, the shape, the scale, and the decorative details. It’s truly a special piece that I know will be in my family forever. 

Why do you love decorating with vintage and is there something that you collect?

I love decorating with vintage because it tells a story. I wish I had pieces that were handed down to me from my family, with lots of stories to go along with them. I just love when something requires a deeper look, a second take, and speaks to you from the past. But since I don’t have any special pieces like that, I’ve made it my mission to collect heirloom-quality antiques and vintage in an effort to provide my daughters (and hopefully grandchildren and great grandchildren) with pieces that will remind them of our family and the love and care that was put into creating a home for them. It’s something I know they’ll appreciate for years to come. I don’t collect any one specific thing, but I’m starting to look into that now that I’ve got all the foundational pieces for our home. 

What is the best advice you can give to others to achieve the same look?

My best piece of advice for others who are looking to incorporate vintage into their home is to train their eye and learn WHY they like certain pieces. I like more whimsical antiques and vintage pieces; furniture with scallops, unique cutouts, or hardware you don’t see very often. But perhaps someone who is developing a love of vintage prefers very detailed pieces that lean more French, and yet another person might like a simpler Shaker or Craftsman style better. Training your eye to spot what you like and engaging your brain to know why you like it is how you will get to the place where you can incorporate antiques and vintage pieces seamlessly into your home because they will just flow with everything else you love. 

Is there anything you are currently on the hunt for, for your home? 

Currently, I am on the hunt for a vintage nightstand for Jeff’s side of the bed that coordinates with mine, or a set that will go in our primary bedroom refresh. I am also on the hunt for a vintage/antique secretary desk with a hutch on top. I saw one in our local antique store that took my breath away and it was incredibly well priced, but I didn’t think I needed one at the time. Now that I know I do need one as a little office station on our first floor, I’m kicking myself for not scooping that one up, but I know the perfect piece will turn up. I’m also on the hunt for a vintage Baker sofa that I will have reupholstered. I passed one up a few months ago due to a hectic schedule and I’m still crying over it. Oh, and always art…always.

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