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Vintage Garden Inspo.

Every see a garden in a magazine or in a design book and think…how is that just so much more beautiful than real life? Well, I can tell you two things… number 1 they probably have a gardener running that garden haha and 2. its sourced with vintage! Vintage fountains, vintage pots, vintage garden decor…all […]

Loo Art

We joked last week on our Vintage Keepers live about art in a bathroom. It was funny to talk out loud about putting paintings above a toilet, but honestly…have you ever seen art in a bathroom? Its fabulous! So we are rounding up some ideas for you to consider art in your bathroom, but especially […]

Folk Art:  An Unlikely Resurgence

by Maggie L. Risson  There is an art form that seems to be making a comeback. Folk art is returning to popularity, despite the advances in technology with crypto art and 3D printers. The resurgence of folk art may be merely a subconscious reaction or a statement of resistance by some collectors.  Decorative folk art […]

Vintage Shelf Styling Tips

written by: Holly Garritano Shelf styling can be hard. And even harder when you are attempting to style a shelf without the right design elements. In this blog I’ll talk about what key components I believe make up well styled shelves and how to arrange them while maintaining balance.  There are so many approaches to […]

Vintage Trends in 2023

written by: Sarah Lyon The start of a new year always brings about slightly new trends within the vintage world, and I’m excited to share some of the looks that I think will be having a major moment in 2023. Read on for my vintage trend predictions—and let me know what types of items you […]

Scandinavian Design-

written by Pam Hein “Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.” Mark Hampton Brief History Scandinavia is an area of Northern Europe and generally considered to consist ofthe three countries Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. When it comes to design,often a broader group of countries is included consisting also of Finland andIceland. This […]

Designer Keepers: Amanda Becker

Today I get the honor of sharing one of my longtime blog friends that I have watched make a beautiful creative home in her charming home in Georgia. You are going to love her stunning English inspired home. Amanda has achieved such of her English style with DIY’s and a ton of vintage and antiques, […]

Designer Keepers with Paige Kontrafouris

I am so thrilled to have my IG friend Paige on today to share about her amazing home and style. I have yet to meet Paige but someone I follow religiously through Instagram and admire her daily posts and projects…I can say we are online friends that share a similar interest of busts, the Old […]

$1.00 Christmas – a true vintage love story

A common thread between people that love vintage items are the stories that often accompany them. Imost definitely fall into that group. My grandparent’s life and their stories were heavy influences on mylove for older things. Even though they started off with little, their creativity and ingenuity helped themcreate a home together. It was the […]

Designer Keepers- Deb Foglia

Our bi-monthly series of designer Keepers has been so fun to dive into and discuss some of my favorite homes on the web with some fav designers and stylist. Thankful to my décor friends who were open to sharing their homes with us and to talk about the vintage treasures and finds. Today we are […]

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