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Vintage Garden Inspo.

April 14, 2023

Every see a garden in a magazine or in a design book and think…how is that just so much more beautiful than real life? Well, I can tell you two things… number 1 they probably have a gardener running that garden haha and 2. its sourced with vintage! Vintage fountains, vintage pots, vintage garden decor…all of it! Since we are moving into garden season I wanted to share some inspiring photos of vintage garden spaces to get you just as excited about adding some vintage to your gardens in this year, or your porch, deck, patio, garden shed, etc. And if it’s in the budget…hire a gardener!

Vintage Garden Inso:

This gorgeous garden moment here is filled with charm and character because of all the patina happenings. From concrete planters and rusty buckets. Adding a garden table and chair for some vintage furnishings too.

What is a vintage garden without some vintage busts? Just like interiors adding a human figure adds to the character of a space. The garden instantly comes to live with old world character.

What is a vintage garden without a vintage mirror. Especially a little patio or courtyard, having a mirror will certainly add the charm to an outdoor space.

Mossy and aged terracotta is the quintessential detail to any vintage garden space.

Adding an antique fountain to a wall adds whimsy and soul to your garden space.

Adding a vintage door to a garden space will add all the charm and whimsy! Consider architecture details and vintage gates as well.

Adding a collection of vintage watering cans to use or display with give your she-shed, garden shed, porch, or patio the perfect useful vintage!

Get the vintage garden look in or shop now! and check out spring collection for all your favorite spring vintage essentials.

Truly romantique

Antique bust statues cracked and cream color

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