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March 30, 2023

We joked last week on our Vintage Keepers live about art in a bathroom. It was funny to talk out loud about putting paintings above a toilet, but honestly…have you ever seen art in a bathroom? Its fabulous! So we are rounding up some ideas for you to consider art in your bathroom, but especially vintage art! And you know we have a ton of that here at Vintage Keepers.

pretty in pink with a splash of blue in this stunning gallery wall around the toilet. I think art is a great distraction from the obvious piece in the room you don’t want to draw attention to.

Graphic art meets black and white classic style! The way the gallery wall is done from top of the wall to the bottom is a great idea for bold impact.

I think portraits in a bathroom is very whimsy and funny, might freak your guests out, but this space is calling for that portrait against the blue backdrop.

Moody space with a stunning floral makes a great feminine impact.

The vintage perfection in this space from art to furniture and accessories.

Moody and nudes feels so appropriate for a charming bathroom space. You can see this one may have had some outdated touches so the homeowner or designer did a quick fix with paint and great art o distract the eye.

The wainscoting mixed with the art and dark color is a great way to add sophistication and drama to a bathroom.

Wood toilet and an entire bathroom filled with art is the greatest combo ever for our vintage lovin’ hearts.

We hope this has inspired you to add your own vintage pieces and art to a bathroom that might just need a little face lift in your home.

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