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Antique Chambers Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge Books – Sold individually


These large antique encyclopedias are perfect for styling on a shelf! Priced Per book! If you wish to purchase the whole set reach out I will give a discount. Use them to prop up a bust, lamp or other decorative pieces! They have lovely little illustrations throughout and pull out maps as well. These are all from the 1886 so there are plenty of signs of aging. Binding is loose, spotting on pages. Two books have damage to the back cover (photo 5). Some books have loose pages. Books are 11.5″x9″

I am going to give more details about each book based on how they are ordered in the first photo

Vol 5: Spine has more of a tan tone to it. Binding issues, pages are tight but front cover is delicate. Encyclopedia goes from Keif-Oxenstierna. Maps for Netherlands & New Zealand

Vol 3: Fading of front cover, back cover is pictured in photo 5. Delicate Cover but pages are tight. Loose pages. Encyclopedia goes from to Darnley-Fyzabad. Maps for Denmark, Europe & France

Vol 4: Some fading to front and back cover at the top, damage to spine. Loose first page but rest of pages are tight. Front cover binding loose. Encyclopedia from Gaal- Kidneys. Maps of German empire, England and Wales, Scotland, Ancient Greece, India, Ireland, Italy & Ancient Italy.

Vol 1: More of a tan colored spine, some minor damage to the back cover. Some binding separation. Encyclopedia from A-Bora Samba. Maps of Africa, Central, North & South America, Asia, Australia, Austro-Hungary & Countries mentioned in bible.

Vol 6: The back cover has some damage, and front cover is loose from binding. Pages are tight to binding. Encyclopedia goes from Oxford- Ruvigado. Maps of Palestine, Prussia, Queensland, Ancient Roman Empire, Russia in Europe.

Vol 7: Some damage to front and back cover. Some separation in binding in a couple spots. Cover page is loose. Encyclopedia goes from Ruvo in Apulia- Umbilicus. Maps of Spain and Portugal, Sweden and Norway, Switzerland, Tasmania, Turkey in Europe, Turkey in Asia.

Vol 8: Cover is in tack but no longer attached to binding. Loose small chunk of pages, first two pages and map. Encyclopedia covers Umbrella- Zunz. Maps of the world, United States, Victoria, West India Islands.

Vol 2: Seperation in binding at front and back cover. Pages are tight. Encyclopedia goes from Borax-Darnetal. Maps of Canada and China.


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