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Designer Keepers with Paige Kontrafouris

December 16, 2022

I am so thrilled to have my IG friend Paige on today to share about her amazing home and style. I have yet to meet Paige but someone I follow religiously through Instagram and admire her daily posts and projects…I can say we are online friends that share a similar interest of busts, the Old World feel, and a home filled with treasures. You are going to just adore her style and her take on vintage meets the European-French design of her NJ home.

Tell us about you, your personal design style, and your home.

My name is Paige Kontrafouris and I am an Interior Designer but when not working with clients you can find me strolling a thrift shop, antique mall or picking up my latest Facebook marketplace find. My husband and I bought our home almost 5 years ago where we currently live with our two children and two dogs. Our home is my biggest passion project where I am constantly doing projects and training my eye for design by trying new things. It was built in 1900 and has great bones but I’ve been slowly working on adding the charm back that it lost from previous owners. My design style is heavily influenced by the classics, French European design to be specific. I love formal yet inviting spaces, layering rich colors and fabrics, ornate trim work, cozy and intimate spaces…the list could go on and on!

What is your favorite piece in your home?

This question is like asking if I have a favorite child but if I had to choose it would be this French sideboard that I bought off Facebook market place that resides in my favorite room in our house. It’s a beautiful hand painted French blue cabinet with amazing details and it even has a great back story. The piece was featured on the set of the remake The Stepford Wives and I was able to spot the sideboard in a few scenes!

Why do you love decorating with vintage and is there something that you collect?

I love decorating with vintage because I love how curated and collected it makes a room feel. I love when spaces feel like they evoke a unique story and represent so much of the past and the previous places these items have lived and traveled from. I love collecting art and busts they are one of my favorite ways to accessorize a space.

What is the best advice you can give to others to achieve the same look? 

Study and dissect rooms, designers, etc that you love and admire and look for common elements in amongst those things that you connect with. French European style rooms are beautifully layered with colors, unique fabrics, art and décor so I always say more is more and don’t be afraid to layer unexpected pieces

Is there anything you are currently on the hunt for, for your home?

 I am currently hunting for an unique fireplace mantle for our keeping room. It’s been a project high up on my list over the last few years but I haven’t been able to find the perfect piece that also needs to be very large. I want something old and filled with detail and hoping I find it soon! – UPDATE, I’m pretty sure she found this piece a day after sending me this post…eek, its amazing!

Paige’s picks from the shop!

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Antique bust statues cracked and cream color

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