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Vintage Religion Décor

September 21, 2022

With the uptick of European style there is a new style evolving on the block. Vintage Religion! As I have been studying our shop recently with items that are new and also what other resellers are bringing to their drops and stores, one thing has been consistently uprising, religious vintage pieces.

I truly believe the idea of Italian and French culture being something that is currently trending much of this style is evolving from those villa styles that have a true collected feel that not only brings beautiful textures of terracotta, plaster walls, and reclaimed beams, but also the touches of religious pieces such as crucifixes, portraits of King Jesus, cherubs, and Holy Water spouts. I was much surprised too when I started discovering this as a “trendy” look, but be on the lookout for what will become a stunning new, old way to decorate.

I remember as a little girl I would visit with my grandparents house who were devout Catholics and though their style was mostly mismatched furniture with plastic coverings, some family portraits, old bulky dining pieces, and a bowl of plastic fruit…I can remember specifically one of the pieces that stood out to me and that was the crucifix that was above their bed in their bedroom. Though I wouldn’t consider their style very special its all coming back to me now with the rise of the “fruit trend” ceramic, glass, or alabaster…and now the comeback of religious accessories. They might of had a Jesus portrait too if I can remember correctly.

Anyhow, this is reminding me of my Italian grandparents home, so it makes much sense that the rise of European culture and style would then include some religious art and décor.

Here is some fabulous ways of adding religious touches to your home without looking like a shrine or my grandparents home. These are some successful ways and then below I have some amazing finds from the shop!

So here is some of our amazing religious vintage décor you can purchase and add that European religious touch to your home. Would you like to incorporate this style or is this something you already have been doing in your home. I’d love to know leave a comment!

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Antique bust statues cracked and cream color

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