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Styling with Copper in the Kitchen

July 27, 2022

I get this question all the time when it comes to styling with all the copper I have in my kitchen, and it’s questions like what to buy and what do I actually use to cook with? So, I thought so many of you must be sourcing copper for your own kitchen remodel or style and I should maybe have a little break down on what I am always looking for.

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What should you look for when shopping for copper in the kitchen?

For me I am always looking for objects that feel authentically vintage. Something that I know has history to it or patina. I love the mix of brass and copper especially and items like “tools” that a kitchen would naturally have. What is key to just styling in general is having items styled that look like you are actually using. When items are not authentically in it’s place you will know that it’s “staged”. So really add items that you may have just “dropped” there or left hanging on a rod for an easy pot or piece to grab when cooking.

I think you can style your copper two different way, with variety or in a collection. I like when pieces match form the same pot set, but I also love the look and feel of a collected vibe that maybe you only displayed your most used tools out.

Do you use your copper to cook with?

I don’t use most of my copper especially when the inside does now have a stainless pan or pot. Copper is not the best because it can be toxic to your food, if there is no lining. Though I love having a whole bunch of other people’s hand me downs in my house you might not think that, but when it comes to cooking or eating I get a little questionable unless I can put it in the dishwasher to really give it a good sterilization. I don’t want to ruin the copper that I collect so I choose to just display most of it.

source I love a great brass pot rail too both large and small

Patina or Polished copper?

That’s a definite preference answer….I kind of love both! I think my kitchen with the colors especially since the tiles and cabinets have a grey hue I try to go for more aged because I think it matches more. I do love certain pieces that are polished and I usually don’t pass on either one of those styles if I just love the piece. I have a collection of both in my kitchen and I do believe it works, but you can definitely go for what you decide you prefer more…both are great!

We hope you enjoyed this post, want to know more about copper? Let us know in the comments and we will do a follow up post on this. Just have fun with it and as I always say when finding vintage décor go with what you truly love!

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-written by the creator of Vintage Keepers and SeekingLavenderLane.com, Deb Foglia.

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