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Story Behind the Find

August 5, 2022

I recently photographed a pair of wicker stools. They were unlike anything I’d seen before. The pattern, the shape, each unmatched but, like many vintage items, they had some broken areas, some parts that had become unwoven. One of the stools even had some white paint drippings spattered here and there. My mind started to wander. Where did these originally come from? What story could they possibly hold?

I imagined a newly wed couple, painting their first home together. They would have enjoyed making their house a home in a simpler time – , no iPhones, no internet just them, and the home they’ve created, without the distractions we have today.

In my vintage-seeking adventures I often find books with names written on the inside cover, newspaper clippings hidden in the pages. I’ve found dried flowers in books before, and even photographs on occasion.  I once found a gardening book with penciled notes in the margins, circled words, underlined areas.  Again, invent a story.

Perhaps a woman on her porch intently planning her garden, hopeful that it will thrive. She would have a pencil in her hand, drawing out a plan. 

What would we do today? Most of us would Google gardening tips, or check out Pinterest for the latest gardening trends in between emails and texts. 

Our world is not what it once was, that’s for sure. While I appreciate technology, and recognize that it can be used for good, and many of us are blessed to be able to work from our phones, it has taken away some of the simplicity of life. The constant and immediate access to anything and everything is often an unwelcome distraction.

As I finished photographing the stools, I realized they were like letters from the past. Maybe even warnings.  To slow down and embrace the simple. Maybe we need to put the phones away once in a while, and free ourselves from the distractions and find some time to find joy in the little things. 

Author: Holly Garritano, owner of Seeds of Home

about the author:

Holly and her husband Greg live outside of Rochester, NY. with their 4 biological boys and an adopted daughter. She has a beautiful shop that she loves to bless others with not only with found beautiful curated pieces but also she puts her earnings back into her community and blesses families and others with it. Holly has such a beautiful rustic and refined style that you can shop from on her page, Seeds of Home.

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