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Soul Fed Home

Hi everyone. I’m Sydney, Owner and curator of Soul Fed Home. As a lover of all things vintage, I decided to start my small shop on Instagram in the middle of the global pandemic as a means to get my husband a visa from Italy. After a year of waiting for his arrival, we were finally reunited after almost 4 years of long distance. Since then, my shop has become my true passion in life, selling vintage and antique pieces to help you fill your home with joy is what this is all about.

I am 28 and grew up in small town Virginia where I loved to go antiquing with my Mom. She helped me fall in love with the hunt for unique one of a kind pieces and is my sole reason this shop is what it is today. After moving back to KY a year ago with my husband, the hunt for those unique pieces continued.

A little back story behind the name: I started my shop when I was really needing a passion hobby. In some of my darkest hours, Soul Fed has been my steady. This shop has truly filled my heart with more joy than I knew was possible and because of this, I hope to help you fill your home with one of a kind pieces that also fill your soul.

Be sure to check out the place where it all started: IG: @soulfedhome


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