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Le Passerine


My name is Stephanie and I am so happy to bring some of my most special findings here to Vintage Keepers.  As a previous antique shop owner, I enjoyed years of the day to day business of a creative shop.  However, after many years, a few shops and endless hours I decided it was time to retire from shop owner and move to full time Huntress of fabulous things.

I hoard my goods for a few select markets throughout the year and also pick for a number of retail vintage shops.  My passion for decorating with antiques and vintage, finds me hunting daily, carefully curating my vast inventory.  I travel with my husband and of course he graciously leaves time for antiquing wherever we go.  I love pretty useful things, art, linens, dishes, all sorts of vessels, furnishings and unusual oddities.  I imagine you love them too!

Thank you for visiting Le Passerine, I hope you enjoy my shop and check back often as it is my goal to keep fresh and exciting findings here on Vintage Keepers just for you.


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