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My love of vintage and antiques goes back to my childhood when I was drawn to the stories my grandmothers told me – one of living on a farm in Virginia, and the other of living in Brooklyn, New York. I always wanted to know what their homes had been like, and how they lived. Over the years many of their lovely things migrated to the home I grew up in where an 1830’s mantle clock and turn of the century mahogany China cupboard lived happily alongside the midcentury Danish dining room table and chairs my parents purchased when they married in 1960. Our home was interesting and layered and the stories of people from the past lived on with the new stories of our family.

I purchased my first “antique” when I was 8 years old – a 1920’s children’s book, and I was hooked on seeking out “old” items of my own.

In my own home I have mingled many different styles over the years; added and edited pieces but I know that some pieces are classics and no matter how my style changes and evolves they will remain part of my decor.

am very thankful to have my parents 1960’s dining room set and my great grandmothers China cupboard in my own home today. New stories are told at the table, and the cupboard holds my ever-evolving collection of treasures. Someday, they will move on to my own children and the stories will live on for a new generation.

I am constantly curating new items and I especially seek out items that were lovingly used – old dishes and stoneware bowls, baskets and books inscribed inside with the faded handwriting of their former owners, and anything that says “Made in England”. I love being drawn to something completely different than what I thought was “my style” and incorporating it into my decor.

I hope that the pieces in my shop inspire you to create a new story or add to a collection that you already have.



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