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Gladys Avenue

Hi there– I’m Veronica Ashley, the collector and curator behind Gladys Avenue. I have always been a visual dreamer, obsessed with history, travel, art, and finding beauty all around me. After studying Illustration in college and becoming a creative by trade, I found a bittersweet gap in my heart since my lifelong hobby had become my full-time job.

Having thrifted my way through my twenties, I have become so passionate about collecting pieces of the past, knowing they have so much more life to live. It’s more than just the thrill of the hunt. I love sourcing pieces that tell a story, whether aesthetic or otherwise, that have been left behind, ready for their next chapter. I always knew that I wanted to find a way to merge my creative life with my vintage life– and that is when this shop was born.

Named after my late grandmother, Gladys Avenue is where my two passions collide. Storytelling with vintage and antique objects is my way of honoring these timeless treasures and sharing them with the world– their full beauty on display, in a way that inspires you to imagine them in your own home.

I started my shop on Instagram, in search of friendship, kindred spirits and a community of vintage lovers to share my passion with. Now, I’m so proud to be expanding Gladys Avenue’s footprint here on VK! This shop is my safe-haven, a place where I can explore my own creativity, share endless amounts of art and design inspiration, and a place to admire objects with stories older than our own. I hope you follow along with me here and on IG @gladysavenue for endless amounts of vintage and antiques, behind-the-scenes, and all of the vintage stories I have yet to tell.


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