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French Monogram Soft Light Weight Cotton Jacquard DVC


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Product Information

French Monogram Soft Light Weight Cotton Jacquard DVC

Large soft cloth jaquard with monogram DVC surronded by floral motifs in large white on White hand embroidery

Rare to find Embroidery in the middle of the cloth as is on this item. I deal for a table cloth.

One small damage and small flecks of stain (common to see on Linen as old as this)

184cm x 392cm

72.4″ x 154.3″


Brief History of Antique Monogram Linens and why I love them:


French Monogram sheets date from the late 19th century

This Linen came for an old “Marriage Armoire” that I purchased in the SW of France, it was a tradition to hand the new bride a “Marriage Armoire” for her trousseau, this would be filled with beautiful hand woven linens that were monogramed to reflect the young ladies new family. Among other items you would find beautiful lace trimmed negligee, sereviets and the famous Touchon (kitchen towel).

The art of hand embroidered elaborate Monograms and decorative scrolls, usually of flowers and vines, was lovingly taught from generation to generation. The Monogram had a more practical reason too, as there were no modern machines to do washing and often linens were washed in bulk in the village and the monogram was not only decorative showcasing one’s skill but so as to identify which home it belonged to.

I love the idea that after 100 years + they live on in modern homes. I have seen them used as tablecloths, curtains, bed crown canopies, bed sheets, and upholstery.

Don’t be afraid to care for them, they have been around for well over 100 years:

This textile can be machine washed and tumbled dried

Each Cloth has been freshly laundered and ironed to be sent to you in the best possible condition, however due to their age it is fair to say there will be signs of their previous life. I find them even more charming when the history of an item tells me their story of a life previously lived.


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