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“Everglades” Framed Serigraph Painting


Signed, dated 1971. Measures 29”x 38 1/2”


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Product Information

“The Everglades”

by James N. Rice

This is a scene of the northeast corner of the Ever-glades and is within the city limits of West Palm Beach. This exotically beautiful area, comprised of almost 12,000 acres, has the unromantic official tille of “West Palm Beach Water Catchment Area.” It serves as the water supply for the city of West Palm Beach. This serigraph was reproduced by screen process using thirty-five colors. Each color requires a separate screen and a run through the press. The printing and screens were produced by the craftsmen at Bel-Aire Process Inc., Detroit, Michigan. The original was painted by James N. Rice of Houston, Texas. The original is 20″ x 30″, as is the print, and was done with a palette knife exclusively. Mr. Rice is a native New Yorker, Floridian by adoption and a Texan by occupation as Production Director of the McCann-Erickson, Inc. Houston office. Mr. Rice was most enthusiastic in his praise of the artistic craftsmanship that is so evident in this print. He considers the print to be a work of art in his own right.

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