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Shop Management

On VK, you can customize many parts of your storefront, including your shop homepage. To customize your shop homepage:

  1. Go to Shop Manager.
  2. Click on Settings –  Store.

Once you’re there, you can manage the different sections of your shop homepage:

  • Banner Image: The banner image size recommendation is 1400x 600px.
  • Profile Image: The profile picture size is 150x150px. We recommend a logo or personal image.
  • Store Name: The name of your store
  • Store Categories: The style types that you set for your store. This will help when a customer is looking for stores based on style type.
  • Address – This is linked to shipping so make sure it’s accurate.
  • Phone Number
  • Go on Vacation – Use this method to close your store publicly.
  • Biography – Write some information about your shop that you’d like your customers to know. You can even add photo galleries and video to tell your story.

Vacation Mode lets you put your VK shop on hold for a period of time, and is helpful if you’re temporarily unable to run your shop for any reason such as an emergency, traveling, or being sick.

To turn on Vacation Mode:

  1. Sign in to VintageKeepers
  2. Click Shop Manager.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Store.
  5. Scroll down until you see Go to Vacation
  6. Mark the check box and type a custom message in the Set Vacation Message text box. What you type here will show up as a notice on top of your public store as long as the Vacation mode is turned on. 
  7. Click Update Settings button to save changes and turn on vacation mode.
  8. Click Update Settings.


Automatic vacation

If you’d rather turn on vacation mode and turn it off after a certain time, you can set the vacation mode start and end date. Go to Shop Manager>Settings, Check Go to Vacation, and choose Date Wise Close from the drop-down menu next to Closing Style.

How to turn off vacation mode

Simply go to Shop Manager >Settings and uncheck Go to Vacation, then click Update Settings. This will turn off the vacation mode and return all your products to public viewing.

All coupons created by your shop or provided by the marketplace will show in this section. From here you can see the coupon type, amount, products, and usage limits.

How to Add Coupons:

You can add coupons to your shop by clicking on the ‘add new coupon button. Complete the fields and when you’re done, click ‘Create Coupon’

Complete the fields:

Title: This will be the coupon code

Description: Include any further information about your coupon here.

Discount Type: Set whether the coupon will have a percentage discount or fixed product discount

Amount: Specify the amount for the coupon.

Email Restrictions: Add any email addresses that you’d like to restrict from the coupon here.

Usage Limit: This is the total amount of times the coupon can be used. If you’d like to offer the coupon to the first 10 customers, set this field. Otherwise, leave blank.

Usage limit per user: If you’d like to limit the amount of time a user can use the coupon, put that usage limit here.

Expire Date: Optionally set a date for when the coupon expires.

Exclude Sale Items: Check the box if you’d like to exclude sale items.

Minimum Amount: If you have a minimum amount you’d like the customer to spend before a coupon takes effect, specify the amount here.

Product: Add any products you’d like to include here.

Apply to new products: check the box to apply to newly created products

Exclude Products: Add any products you’d like to exclude from the coupon code here.

Configure Live Rate Shipping

  1. Click on ‘Configure’ to the right of ‘Live Rate Shipping’.
  2. Click on ‘Connect with Shippo’
  3. Create a new Shippo account or sign into your existing account.
  4. If creating a new account, enter your credit card number, expiration date and CVC.
  5. Grant access to Vintage Keepers to allow you to purchase labels while on the Vintage Keepers platform.
  6. If the account was successfully connected, you will return to the shipping settings page with a message highlighted in green: ‘Shippo Account Connected Successfully’.
  1. Connect Shippo account using the method above.
  2. Select packing strategy. There are two options:
    1. Pack items together – this is recommended as the algorithm packs multiple items together if a customer orders multiple items from your shop at once.
    2. Pack items individually – this will separate shipping costs into separate boxes.
  1. Rate Adjustment – You can add a rate adjustment to your shipping calculation if you’d like – this can help to pay for things like packaging fees. There are two options – a flat rate amount or a percentage.

  1. Using the checkboxes to the left, check any carriers that you’d like to include as shipping options. (Please note: FedEx and UPS will require extra configuration, which we will cover further down in this video and guide.
  2. On the right of the selected carriers, click on the edit icon and enable the boxes and services that you would like to include. Click Save Changes.

You may choose to add your own boxes and skip using the ones provided by carriers. If you’d like to do this, add the custom box sizes in this section.

  1. Go to Custom Boxes – Click on ‘Add Box’.
  2. Add Name, dimensions, box weight and max weight for your boxes. Click save.
  3. Repeat for any additional Boxes.
  1. Go to https://goshippo.com/ and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on Settings – Carriers
  3. Click on ‘Your Accounts’
  4. Click on the Fedex icon.
  5. You will see a form to connect your Fedex account. If you do not have an existing FedEx account, you will need to sign up. If you already have a FedEx account, you may skip to step 13)
  6. Go to fedex.com and click ‘Sign Up’
  7. Click on ‘Create a User ID’  to create your account
  8. Add your shipping address information and click ‘Enter Login Details’
  9. Create your user ID and Password. Agree to the terms and then click on ‘Create my User ID’.
  10. Select whether you’d like to use a Business account or Personal account. A business account will allow you to add a company name. Click on ‘Create Account’.
  11. Add your credit card details. Click ‘Submit’.
  12. You will see a screen which says ‘You’re all set!” Here you are given your account number. Copy this number, we will paste it into the carrier settings in Shippo.
  13. In Shippo, configure the Fedex settings. Paste the account number into ‘FedEx Account Number’ and complete the rest of the fields asked in the form.
  14. When complete, click ‘Connect Account’.
  15. Once your FedEx account is successfully connected, you will see FedEx show under Carriers – Your Accounts.
  1. In Shippo – Go to settings – Carriers – Your Account – click on ‘Connect Another Account’
  2. Click on UPS
  3. Complete the form. Click ‘Create UPS Account’.
  4. You will see UPS under ‘ Shippo Accounts’.
  1. Go back to shipping – settings.
  2. Select a default shipping and click save.
  3. If you see a red icon to the right of the Configure button. Click on it to see what options still need to be configured.
  1. Login to vintage-keepers.com click Shop Manager
  2. Click Add a New Product

Step 1: Add photos of your product.

Step 2: Choose an image to be the featured image of your product listing.

Step 3: Add listing details such as title and price, category and style tags

Step 4: Write a longer form description.

Step 5: Click Save and Next – you are not ready yet, you still need to complete the product creation process in the next screen.

Step 6: Add extra quantity if the inventory is greater than 1 by updating ‘Stock Quantity’. 

Step 7: Complete shipping and tax – enter weights and dimensions if the product requires live rate shipping. Live rate shipping allows you to generate live shipping rates on checkout with Shippo.

Step 8 – Other Options – Set the product to draft or online mode. Leave a thank you note for the customer in ‘Purchase Note’.

  1. Login to vintage-keepers.com click Shop Manager
  2. Click on products
  3. Hover over the product name and select ‘Edit’
  4. Make updates to the product and click ‘Save Product’.

You may configure any of the following shipping methods for your products.

Live Rates

VK Partners with shippo to provide you with best in class shipping rates and easy label creation. We recommend this shipping method for any small-medium sized item.

Any labels generated in this manner will be covered by the customer and VK. If when printing the label it exceeds the cost of the customer selected shipping method, VK will bill the vendor to make up the difference.

Free Shipping

You are welcome to provide free shipping. Please note however, that free shipping is not actually free. When you choose this method, you can still create a label within VK, but VK will bill you for the label later. Please keep this in mind when pricing your items.

Product Shipping (For large furniture items)

We recommend selecting ‘Product Shipping’ for any large furniture items that will need to be shipped via freight. When creating a product, you will be given the option to opt out of the other shipping methods and input your own shipping cost. For large furniture items, we highly recommend finding your shipping method before listing the product so that you can input the shipping cost and timeline manually.

Orders and Shipping


  1. Go to orders and click on the “View/print Shipping Labels” icon to the right of the order.
  2. Click ‘Create New Label’.
  3. Address: Validate the Origin Address and Destination Address by clicking on ‘Validate Address’. 
  4. Click Next
  5. Box: Select the box that you would like to use. The system will select a box for you. If you would like to use a custom box, you can add that in when you do the shipment.
  6. Click Next
  7. Extras: Mark Order Completed/Shipped
  8. Click Next
  9. Rate: Select the rate that is available to you. The rate that the customer selected is the item that is automatically defaulted. 
  10. Click Next
  11. Review and Print: Select the label that you would like to use. Click on Select and Buy Labels. 
  12. Print the label you created.
  13. The customer will automatically receive an email with their tracking number when the label is created.
  1. Find the order you would like to refund. Click on the Shipping label icon
  2. Click on the three dots to the right of the shipping info and click ‘Request Refund’.
  3. The refund will come through Shippo.

The customer will contact you as the store owner for a refund which you can see in the Support area of the Shop Manager. The customer must provide the order number and which products in the order they would like to be refunded.

After you agree with the customer that they are eligible, you will need to create a refund request from the Shop Manager Orders Dashboard.

  1. To do this, navigate to Shop Manager – Orders
  2. Click on the order which you want to refund. Then click on Request Refund
  3. Under each of the charges for the item (item, shipping, and service fee) enter the amount to refund on each item.
  4. Check the box ‘Restock refunded items’ if you would like to restock the item. 
  5. Click ‘Refund $xxxx via Stripe’ to issue a refund to the customer.
  6. You will receive a message that says ‘Are you sure you want to process the refund?’ Click okay.
  7. Your refund request has been submitted.
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